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installation atuniversity for applied arts, vienna 2023


In contrast to many other surfaces, liquid ones are rather rare, but very unique. A wonder that something that varies so intensely can be described as a surface at all. After all, it is just a word for a phenomenon that surrounds us in our everyday

lives. We live with them, but never without them. This applies to surfaces in general, but especially to the digital ones.

The sociologist Armin Nassehi deals in his book “Patterns: Theory of Digital Society” with the question for which problem digitalisation is a solution. The answer may not be particularly simple, but it is clear that digitalisation satisfies social needs, such as order and structure. To skip an important point here, which is that solving one problem can create a new one: Digital surfaces are the portal to a complex world, but on closer inspection it becomes increasingly unclear where it begins and where it ends.

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