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performance at play me on standby – la voirie, biel/bienne 2021

with jonas frey


through their performance robin lütolf and jonas frey redesign given rooms and rethink their walls. by constantly adapting their voices and rhythm to each other they find a common basis to communicate together on a more abstract level.


her work is a fragmentary script, but large parts of the piece are improvised. they pick up on multi-layered topics and moods and combine them into a network of meanings without having to comply with the usual constraints of order. there is no ready-made narrative used to provide entertainment, but active cooperation and attention are required. whenever a narrative thread becomes tangible, frey and lütolf spin on another tangent - and reveal the absurd madness that holds a conversation together.


different levels of meaning are created based on jonas frey's texts. but even with literal repetition, nothing can be repeated that requires time and a counterpart. robin lütolf answers the spoken word in writing, manipulates what is being told with the help of electronic tools, and further formulates it so that it is quickly no longer clear who asks, who answers, who is silent and who is not.


text: joëlle bischof

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